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Plantilla correo para hablar con inversores

Resumen: Si vas a enviar tu propuesta a inversores por email o linkedin, aquí te dejamos unas plantillas que te ayudarán en el proceso. No hay modelo perfecto, pero estos te pueden servir de ayuda.

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Plantilla 1 correo para inversor

Hi ,

I serve as CEO of Tochat.be - a startup that provides business functionalities (CRM, Landing Pages, etc.) on top of WhatsApp. We have seen explosive growth over the last few months:

  • Over 20,000 accounts created to date and averaging 400 new ones daily
    LTV:CAC of 3.8 (conservatively) for our premium product conversions

  • Accelerated global product adoption (users from over X countries) in light of COVID-19
  • Our team includes experienced startup veterans that have successfully scaled & operated companies. We are raising a $250K pre-seed round and given your experience in this area, thought to reach out. I'm happy to share a deck with you if you'd like or arrange some time to speak over Zoom.

Thanks so much,
Cesar Martin
CEO, Tochat.be

Plantilla 2 correo para mensaje de seguimiento

Version 1:


Thanks for your note. Please find attached our deck. Since my last email, we've grown to xxK users, a growth of xx% in just x days! Very excited to share more with you once you've had a chance to review the deck.


Version 2:


Thanks for your note. Please find attached our deck. And yes, we have been tracking X Ventures for some time now as your [PICK ONE: past investments in X and Y / focus on X / expertise in X] would bode well for our accelerated growth plans. Looking forward to sharing more once you've had a chance to review the deck.


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